Dear colleagues,

Please be informed that the Icelandic Intellectual Property Office (ISIPO) is due to make the following changes to their fees on May 1, 2020:


Application for national phase patent procedure, which covers the first 10 claims: ISK 66.100

Claim fee for each claim in excess of first 10 claims: ISK 4.300

Obtaining   time   extension   to   submit   translation   of   national   phase application: ISK 17.800

Patent annuities

1st year: ISK 11.3008th year: ISK 18.90015th year: ISK 39.600
2nd year: ISK 11.3009th year: ISK 21.30016th year: ISK 43.700
3rd year: ISK 11.30010th year: ISK 23.60017th year: ISK 49.000
4th year: ISK 13.10011th year: ISK 26.00018th year: ISK 53.800
5th year: ISK 14.20012th year: ISK 28.30019th year: ISK 59.000
6th year: ISK 15.40013th year: ISK 31.30020th year: ISK 64.900
7th year: ISK 17.20014th year: ISK 35.400 


Application for registration of a word or device mark: ISK 33.100

Additional fee for each class exceeding one: ISK 7.100

Additional fee for three-dimensional marks, each picture: ISK 3.600


Filing charge, one picture included: ISK 17.800

For each additional design in a co-registration (multiple design application): ISK 7.700

Publication fee for additional pictures, each: ISK 4.300

Novelty check (optional) per design: ISK 11.300

Renewal, each five-year period: ISK 22.500

For each five-year period in co-registration: ISK 7.700