When will the London Agreement take effect in Iceland?
When Iceland became a member of European Patent Community (EPC) in May 2004, the Icelandic Patent Act No. 17/1991 had already been amended accordingly with the effect that the subject matter of the London Agreement were already fullfilled concerning translation requirements of European Patent applications/patents.


Accordingly there will be no changes with the implementation of the London Agreement of May 1, 2008, concerning requirements as regards translations of European Patents when granted to be effective in Iceland.

All granted European Patents based on EP applications designating Iceland and filed after May 2004 (Iceland became member of European Patent Convention (EPC)) have the same translation requirements as mentioned down below. 

National Validation of EP Granted Patents in Iceland

European Patents designating Iceland take the effect of Icelandic Patents from the date of the mention of the grant, providing that the translation of the title and claims are filed in Icelandic and that the specification (description) is filed in English language, both filed within four months from the mention of the grant. 

Provisional Protection of EP Application in Iceland

Provisional protection during the European application stage requires filing with the Icelandic Patent Office of an Icelandic translation of the published title and the published claims. 

Documents required from Applicant to Patice IP Law Firm

No executed Power of Attorney is needed.

National Validation of EP Granted Patents in Iceland: – EPO Bulletin publication of EP Application front page only. Specification in ENGLISH as in order for grant. Grant Decision.

Provisional Protection of EP Application: – EPO Bulletin publication of the corresponding EP Application front page only. Title and claims in ENGLISH (is appreciated).