From the Icelandic Intellectual Property Office:

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic and its possible effect on the operations of legal entities and individuals the ISIPO has decided to extend all deadlines until May 4 2020. This applies to all deadlines that are decided by the ISIPO, such as deadlines for submitting documents or written arguments. The extension does not, however, affect deadlines which are determined by law or regulations, such as those pertaining to priority, for submitting oppositions, to resuming case processing after the rejection of an application, to renewal and to the payment of fees.

If the COVID-19 epidemic causes a failure to meet a specific deadline, which is decided by law or regulation, it may be possible to request a re-establishment of the relevant application or the granted/registered right, subject to certain conditions as provided in the relevant act of law. A written request pertaining thereto should be sent to the ISIPO within the relevant time limit.  In a request for such re-establishment, the COVID-19 situation should be mentioned.