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Preparation and prosecution of design applications – renewals – infringement analysis – validity opinions – assignments.

Handling of design applications is under supervision of Mr. O. Ragnarsson attorney at law.

General information regarding design: The appearance of a product can be protected with registration of the design. A design right does not include features, which are dictated by a products technical function or quality. Registration of design rights implies that no party except the designer may exploit the design without authorization.

An application for registration of a design is filed through the Icelandic Patent Office. IPO screens applications in accordance to the Design Protection Act no. 46/2001 and the Regulations on Registration of Design no. 706/2001. An applicant may request that the IPO investigate its registry of design to determine the originality of his design. This service is rendered for a prescribed fee. Design registration is valid for 5-25 years from the date of filing, and may be renewed for five years at a time until a 25-year term of protection is reached.

Since a design right only protects the appearance of a product, it is very important that the pictures submitted with the application are clear. The illustrations must be very precise since the design protection is governed by their degree of detail. When a design has been registered it is published in a monthly Patent IPO publication, ELS – tíðindi, which is available on this website. A registered design can be invalidated by IPO or through court. The registration of design rights is especially applicable in the case of mass produced products, which often are differentiated by their appearanc

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