Bank Holiday Weekend

Dear Colleagues, In Iceland the first Monday of August is part of the bank holiday weekend known as Verslunarmannahelgi (e. Merchant Weekend). In accordance with tradition, Patice will be closed on Monday the 2nd of August. Gleðilega...

Upcoming National Holidays

According to Icelandic holiday traditions, our office will be closed on Accession Day – May 13th, on Whit Monday – May 24th and on the Icelandic National Day – June 17th.

The First Day of Summer

Tomorrow, April 22, is a national holiday in Iceland. Patice will be closed and the Patice team will be out, safely and socially distantly, celebrating the first day of summer. In Iceland it is traditional to celebrate the First Day of Summer in late April every year....

Happy Easter!

Patice will be closed for the Easter holidays from and including April 1st until and including April 5th.

Closing times over the holidays

The ISIPO is closed on December 23rd until December 28th and December 31st until and including January 1st. All deadlines that fall on these dates will be moved until the next opening date. Patice will be closed from Wednesday December 23 until January 4th, 2021. Our...