Happy Sovereignty Day!

On 1 December 1918, Denmark recognized Iceland as a free and sovereign state when the Union Treaty took effect. The date bears huge significance and was arguably the most important steppingstone in the Icelandic campaign for self-determination. The treaty comprised...

ISIPO – new homepage

The ISIPO has a new homepage https://www.hugverk.is/ . However, since the new page is still mostly in Icelandic, the old page is still operational https://gamli.els.is/en

Bank Holiday Weekend

Dear Colleagues, In Iceland the first Monday of August is part of the bank holiday weekend known as Verslunarmannahelgi (e. Merchant Weekend). In accordance with tradition, Patice will be closed on Monday the 1st of August. Gleðilega...


On July 1 The Icelandic Patent Office – IPO, changed its name to The Icelandic Intellectual Property Office – ISIPO. Find out more at their new website: https://www.hugverk.is/name_change

Happy Icelandic National Day!

On 17 June 1944 the Republic of Iceland was founded and in turn marked an end to the centuries old union with Denmark. Today, we therefore celebrate the Icelandic National Day. Gleðilegan þjóðhátíðardag!

The First Day of Summer

In Iceland it is traditional to celebrate the First Day of Summer in late April every year. It has been celebrated since the Age of Settlement (c. 870-930) in accordance with the old Icelandic calendar Misseristalið. In it, the year is divided in to only two seasons,...